Blue Mountains Speleogical Club

About the BMSC

The BMSC is a family-friendly caving club which draws its core membership mostly from the Blue Mountains. The club has been active since 1966 and many of our members also enjoy other adventure sports, especially rock-climbing canyoning and bushwalking. Our trips cater for a range of abilities.
We encourage our members to develop proficiency in abseiling, laddering and prussiking skills, so our trip leaders run regular field days for training in these and other skills necessary for safe caving.

We are committed to the responsible enjoyment of the sport and to this end emphasize safety and conservation. To date, members have enjoyed surveying, exploration, photography and scientific studies in a number of cave systems throughout Australia.

The BMSC is a non-profit organisation and is a corporate member of the Australian Speleological Federation.

Membership is open to anyone over the age of 18. Benefits include use of club equipment, access to the club library and a copy of the club journal. We have two membership categories:

  • Introductory Membership
      Single $50 / 12 months
      Family $80 / 12 months
  • Full Membership
      Single $82 / 12 months
      Family $142 / 12 months

If you would like to join, simply contact one of our committee members and come along!


President Paul McKendry 02 4758 8497  
Vice President    
Treasurer Colin Tyrrell 02 4758 7194  
Secretary / Publicity Cindy Mann 02 4758 6322